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In Okopowa Business Spot we are a home to number of businesses: legal, accounting, trade and IT companies. Our Virtual Office offer is flexible,  our terms attractive to all entrepreneurs.


Okopowa Business Spot
re-designed since 2020.

We believe that how the office looks is as important as the quality of service provided. Our goal is top satisfaction levels of our Clients


Our Advantages

As sole owners of our office spaces we can offer you the comfort of a secure and reliable Registered Address for your business. We also rent comfortable Rooms for Business Meetings with a complimentary WI-FI service. 

Our dedicated Reception Desk Assistant will not only look after your correspondence or dedicated telephone line – but also will take care of the comfort of your business meetings while meeting here with your Customers. 

Our Virtual Office staff can also offer advice and assist you with how to start your business activity and help you obtain necessary registration documentation, tax numbers etc.

Convenient location in Warsaw is our true advantage in OKOPOWA BUSINESS SPOT. We are located in the closest vicinity of the Warsaw Klif Shopping mall, where you and your Customers will easily find a parking space. This feature will definitely become one of strongest benefits to your new Warsaw address.

Our mission is also to enchance your business quality through inviting your Customers into an elegant and timeless interior. Thanks to its ambience – our office will accommodate your business so that it can flourish to your growing satisfaction.

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Growing your business is what you focus on here .

BASIC PLAN Reduced Price List

Our services of Virtual Office are designed to fit your current business needs. Our BASIC PLAN is the most often chosen option and so we came with the idea to shape even better prices for you. For more options go to OFFER page.

Enjoy doing Business from anywhere!

Okopowa Business Spot is a Virtual Office for those who desire peace of mind and comfort while running business from any location they chose.